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Dressing Dispensing Program

Patient-specific dressing recommendations are securely transmitted in real-time and delivered directly to your facility, streamlining and reducing the time to treatment.

Our Comprehensive Wound Care Program Just Expanded

Innovation means value for all members of the partnership:


Our Vohra physician leverages extensive experience and data collected over 15 years to inform and direct personalized treatment plans.

Wound Care

Having the physician order the dressings directly helps to reduce the potential for miscommunication, redundant paperwork and treatment delays.


We deliver a Personalized Patient Treatment Plan clearly defining those dressings we can provide and those needing to be ordered through your standard purchasing process.

Director of

An increasingly complete, individualized wound care offering helps to reduce waste and improve patient outcomes.


Adding more services expands our facility and company-specific outcomes reports, providing value through actionable data feedback.

Our re-hospitalization rate is already less than 1% but there is always room for improvement.

Vohra physicians are committed to our long-term care partnerships and continuously strive for continuous process improvement to deliver a superior patient experience. To help, we are incorporating a seamless delivery of time-sensitive, patient-specific wound dressings as part of the total solution to a patient’s personalized treatment plan.

Everything starts with the patient-doctor relationship

A specialty-trained Vohra wound care physician provides the highest quality, individualized wound care to your patients in the post-acute setting.

While with your patient, our physicians leverage our collective medical expertise and massive wound database to determine the most appropriate data-driven, outcomes-based treatment recommendations.

The outcomes will speak for themselves

Together we strive to improve patient, family and facility satisfaction. We endeavor to improve clinical and financial outcomes. And we will bring all our resources to bear to help you to become a Wound Care Center of Excellence.


Our mission is to optimize patient outcomes, prevent hospitalizations, and reduce the total cost of care while fostering a culture based on quality, value, partnership, and innovation.

Vohra Wound Physicians is a national physician group founded and led by physicians. We partner with nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities and assisted living facilities to provide physician-led wound care at the bedside. Our multi-specialty group is led by over 230 physicians serving over 2500 post-acute care facilities in 27 states.

- Our Proven Record -

Decrease in Wound Healing Times

Wound Related Hospitalizations

Infection and Amputation Rates


1. What patients will be covered by this program?

To start, Vohra will dispense dressings for qualified Medicare Part B (non-skilled) patients only. As a participating Medicare Part B provider, Vohra bills the resident’s insurance directly.

2. How do I know which dressings will be provided by Vohra?

In most cases, Medicare Part B covers surgical dressings for pressure ulcers, surgical wounds, vascular and neuropathic ulcers, burns, and many other wound etiologies.

Vohra will supply primary and secondary dressings. If you provide us with a copy of your formulary, we can let you know what dressings will be covered by our program.

3. What if I already have a contract with a DME company?

Vohra is not replacing your current durable medical equipment provider, and we will not supply any products, except for primary and secondary dressings. Our intention is go a step further in dressings management as part of Vohra’s comprehensive and convenient wound care solution.

4. What manufacturers / distributors will deliver the dressings?

Vohra is brand agnostic, which means that we are not engaged with one brand or supplier. We only work with high quality products and recommend the best dressing for a wound, depending on many variables, like its etiology, stage, exudate amount, and location. To start, Vohra will be providing Medline and First Choice (Smith & Nephew) products.

5. What do I have to do to participate?

Participation requires a modified agreement between the facility and Vohra. We will send you a draft agreement once requested.

6. Where can I go for more information?

If you would like to hear more you can view a descriptive one minute video overviewing the program.

You may also contact our Wound Dressings Hot Line at 954-613-0995 for a follow up call or email dressings@vohraphysicians.com

Our team will work closely with you to ensure the achievement of a successful outcome.

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