Physicians delivering bedside wound care

Our Mission

Experience, expertise, and commitment to excellence have seen the company grow since its founding in February 2000, to become the global thought leader in wound management. Providing over a million patient encounters per year, we are the largest and most active physician wound management group.

Our comprehensive wound management solution includes:

  1. Standardized, best practice physician services in qualified Centers of Excellence across the USA.
  2. Proprietary technology and data fueling the first ever wound healing predictive algorithm.
  3. On-line education and certification programs designed for inclusion and accessibility. The most active certification program today.
  4. Global Wound Care Community platform app (GWCC VOHRA), where public and private discussion groups are hosted, training and certification are available, and our AI Predictive Wound Healing Algorithm are available to all.
  5. Partnerships with all stake holders striving for value based care.
  6. Consultation services
Ameet Vohra, Founder and CEO

Ameet Vohra, MD
Founder and CEO

Our Services


QAPI Participation. Address F520.

Standardized decision making & documentation.


We work with facilities to improve outcomes & reduce costs.

No cost to facility as physician services are excluded from consolidated billing.


We can partner with health care systems, ACOs, & managed care to develop referral systems.

Our physicians deliver care as part of your multi-specialty interdisciplinary team.


Quality outcomes through innovative technology, reports, & quality control.

Certified electronic documentation with ability to interface with any system.